Career As a Software Developer – Challenging Profession

Career as a software developer is a paying and challenging career. The job profile of these professional depends on the requirements of the company at any given time. Broadly speaking, some of the responsibilities include:

• Design and installation of a software system
• Testing and maintenance a software
• Managing existing softwares
• Writing programs for specific uses
• Preparing training manuals for other members of the staff
• Working and managing other staff such as analysts, designers and other members of the team
• Implementing maintenance of both Intranet and Internet sites

The expertise of the software developer has to match the needs of the company and be able to perform all phases of software development including testing, production and problems seen during post production.
With the boom in Information Technology industry, software developers are required in all industries ranging from finance, retail, transport and other public and private arenas. Therefore, once you enter this field you have the opportunity of working in different area s and gain experience along the way.

Though there is a lot of scope of growth in this career, it is a challenging one. This is because it requires the professionals to update their credentials to meet the changing standards of this industry. In addition, the tight deadlines and increasing demands of the clients keep these professionals working for long hours and during the weekends.

In order to enter into this field, an individual needs a degree in computer science and knowledge about computer languages. In order to get a break into the industry individual also opt for internships and training programs in the specific companies. Besides these qualifications, need strong analytic and communication skills that help them perform their job function, experience with other tools such as Adobe, Macromedia and Internet protocols as well.

There are plenty of job availabilities in this area – and job profiles in this area start from the role of a junior developer and progress to a senior developer and then a manager. The other areas that a software developer could move into include business systems analysis, systems design and architecture.

A company may have to employ a team of software developers in order to meet the demand of the company. In smaller companies, however, a single software developer may handle the entire process. For maximum growth in any career, an individual needs to concentrate on three aspects – qualifications and skill sets, track record and experience. This is one of the professions in which continuous change is seen and these professionals have to keep track of the requirements of each company.

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